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The Divorce Mediation Process

​What should you expect from your divorce mediation process in Bloomington Illinois?

Divorce mediation involves a number of steps which eventually lead to the production of a final divorce agreement which, when signed, marks the end of your marriage.

Our goal as your divorce mediators is to provide you with a smooth, civilized and quick divorce mediation process.

To help you learn about your divorce mediation process, we offer a no obligation, free consultation session where we will go over your case and explain to you the process in detail.

To schedule a free, no obligation session use the contact form on this page. 

Identifying the Issues at Hand

In order to begin the divorce mediation process, we first need to identify all the issues that will be included in your divorce agreement. In the first consultation/introductory session we will begin to get an overview of your specific situation and figure out a course of action to reach mutual agreement for all of your concerns. We will identify issues and information that is required for you to make educated decisions and reach an agreement. Our experienced divorce mediators will help you and your spouse effectively communicate your wants, needs and expectations.

In addition, some basic ground rules concerning the mediation process will be established, such as willingness to share all relevant information and basic discussion rules that will allow each of you to express his view freely.  

Gather and Dissect Information

At this stage, your divorce mediator will make sure all necessary information for the mediation process is available. It is crucial that throughout the divorce mediation process we will discuss all pertinent information openly and honestly and that no relevant information will be kept hidden by any of the spouses.

Depending on the issues you are facing, there may be times when we will suggest further consultation with outside professionals in the Bloomington/Normal area such as therapists, accountants, real estate agents, house appraisers, child specialists, and so on.  

The Mediation and Negotiation Sessions

After we will know which issues we need to discuss and have all the relevant information at our disposal, we will begin the negotiation process.

One by one we will address each issue until an agreement, with which you both feel comfortable, is reached. Your divorce mediator will facilitate the discussion and make sure it is productive. He or she will make sure that both of you get a chance to express your views and feelings and that no decision is made by coercion or under pressure.

Whenever necessary, he will provide you with information regarding the issue at hand in order to provide you with an objective perspective for your discussions.

The mediator will not tell you who is right or wrong. His/her role is to allow you to communicate and to make sure that all issues are covered and all considerations are weighed.  

Final Written Divorce Agreement

Once final arrangements have been made verbally, your divorce mediator may draft (if appropriate and if you both agree) your divorce agreement. If you wish, you can then present the divorce agreement to your respective attorneys. After your attorneys have reviewed the document, we will reconvene to make any requested changes from you or your spouse.

The divorce agreement will then be finalized and presented to the court for approval (only if you both agree to that) along with the court's uncontested divorce papers. Once the divorce agreement and papers have been approved, your divorce will be legal and complete.

​We know you probably have a million questions and you wish to avoid any rushed decisions. For this reason, we offer a free, no obligation 30 minutes consultation in our Bloomington Illinois office that will allow you to learn about the kind of divorce mediation process that will work best for you.